What Should You Expect in a DMS?

Raise your hand if you remember the “bad old days” in law firms when everybody worked on different versions of documents. (My hand is raised.) Or if you needed the latest, greatest of something. Or if you “lost” a folder in the shared drive. If you had a one-person firm, document management was a snap. As soon as you added a person, it became nearly impossible to track which version was the latest, what changes had been made, who was working on the doc and (horrors) which version you had given the client. For firms with 10, 50, 100 or 1000 employees – mwah ha ha ha ha! (That’s my evil laugh.) – document management was literally a nightmare. (No, seriously. As COO of a mid-size firm in Denver

The Internal Trainer’s Perspective

This month, I chatted with Maritta Terrell, Trainer and Help Desk Specialist with Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle & Townsend, P.C. Maritta started as a receptionist at a Houston law firm and, thanks to a lot of hard work (and hard-wired curiosity!), Maritta ultimately became an IT Manager and finally a trainer. This interview shares her career path as well as her insights into the law firm training industry. Q. Lead us briefly through your career path. A. I started as a receptionist in 1980 in a Houston law firm not knowing a thing about U.S. law. I was an elementary school teacher and librarian from Canada! I worked my way up to a word processor, legal secretary, paralegal and office manager fo

Lourie & Cutler, P.C. Gets Savvy

Lourie & Cutler, P.C., a prestigious firm in Boston, is constantly challenging itself to provide clients with the most efficient experience and value for their fees. Toward that end, the firm recently hired Savvy Training & Consulting to train eight employees in Excel. With varying levels of Excel capabilities, the group worried that one trainer could not help them to achieve their goals in a single, 2-hour session. However, Savvy Training & Consulting exceeded their expectations. “The training absolutely met our goals and we plan to call upon Savvy again for more Excel and possibly Word training in the near future,” says Chrissie Eastin, Director of Administration. “It was a success and the

The External Trainer’s Perspective

Barb Ragsdale founded The Consortium and she’s been training at law firms for over 30 years. The woman is connected, uber-smart and, well, savvy! Let’s hear her thoughts, shall we? Q: What is the biggest training trend in law firms today? A: I work with law firms of every size, from two attorneys to those with over 1000, but mostly I work with firms that have 50 to 500 attorneys. I see one thing happening everywhere: they are getting rid of their in-house trainers and shifting those responsibilities to the human resources department. To the firms, they think this shift makes sense. HR professionals are “in the people business.” They like helping people. But I can tell you that those poor fol

Clients Are Watching Your Every Move!

Hoooo doggie! There’s a tussle afoot in the legal industry, aint there? A big ol’ wrangle underway with the legal equivalent of fist fights in the saloon (aka: lots of words being tossed around via briefs and press releases). When Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP decided to raise its starting associate salaries to $180,000, an increase of 12.5%, you’d think that they just told their clients that their fees were going up 12.5%. Large companies that employ in-house counsels and also contract work out to private firms went banana-boats. Of course, clients are worried that these new salaries will represent a fee hike for them, forcing them to carry the burden of a law firm’s business decision. The m

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