LMS Rollout Takes a Team Effort

Alan Prophitt, IT Administrator at Huie, Fernambucq & Stewart, knew he needed a learning management system (LMS) for several reasons. He needed a central, cloud-based resource that could manage all of his training needs (from content to scheduling to reporting); he needed a system that would allow people to get their own answers to the most frequently asked questions at the help desk (alleviating a big load of calls each day); and he needed to support HR’s growing list of orientation and training needs. Prophitt chose SavvyAcademy LMS, offered by Savvy Training & Consulting. “Doug answered the phone in two rings,” Prophitt remembers of his first call to the company, when he reached CEO Doug

Worldwide Malware Attack Should Lead to Law Firm Training

Holy Malware, Batman! Where were you when news started spreading last week about the worldwide malware attack? I was providing a free LMS demo to a law firm in California and the news story pinged on my computer. Apparently, we all saw the news about the same time because, after the demo (side note: they signed up for the SavvyAcademy LMS!) we started talking about law firm security. According to the Washington Post article cited above, the “front door” to the giant malware attack was opened by a phishing scam. “Cybersecurity experts said the malware arrived through “phishing” attacks in which recipients of emails were tricked into opening phony links. Once one computer in a system was infec

Today’s LMS: SUV of the Tech World

I was watching a commercial for an SUV the other day and laughed out loud at all the imagery they used to describe the vehicle’s capabilities: luxurious-looking date nights, kids hauling stinky sports gear, babies safely tucked away like chrysalises, and supremely messy, epic off-road adventures. Will a family of 5 ever use the car for all of those purposes? But then it got me thinking about today’s learning management systems and all they’re capable of. (Don’t criticize my dangling preposition. That’s old-school grammar!) Does anyone really understand the myriad ways they can use their LMS? In fact, the LMS could probably provide valuable support to just about every operation in your law fi

You Have a Duty to Be Tech-Savvy

I’ve written (and thought) a lot about what it takes to create a firm-wide learning culture. I’ve even created a step-by-step checklist for

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