Tech Training for Lawyers: No Luddites Allowed!

In 2012, the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20 stated: “Technology has irrevocably changed and continues to alter the practice of law in fundamental ways. Legal work can be, and is, more easily disaggregated; business development can be done with new tools; and new processes facilitate legal work and communication with clients. Lawyers must understand technology in order to provide clients with the competent and cost-effective services that they expect and deserve.” That first sentence bears repeating: “Technology has irrevocably changed and continues to alter the practice of law in fundamental ways.” And yet, how many of the lawyers reading this article can claim tech prowess? Ok, maybe YOU ca

Virtual Help Desk: We’re Here When You Need Us!

Did you know that Savvy offers a virtual help desk (VHD)? You didn’t?! Well, we do. And it’s the bomb-diggety for many reasons. But before I go bragging on myself, I’ll let someone else do it for me. (I sound like Bette Midler in Beaches.) Beth Brooks is a Legal Assistant at Glast, Phillips & Murray, P.C. and we asked her about her experience with the Savvy VHD. She had this to say: “Whenever I have a question in Word, I shoot an e-mail to Terry at Savvy. She usually responds within 5 minutes with my answer, and the steps to get the answer that she sent me. It is very reassuring to know that I can shoot an e-mail to someone who knows the answer to ALL of my questions whether it be in Word,

How Can Your Law Firm Stay on Top of Technology Trends?

Law firms today are doing everything they can to squeeze as much value out of a dollar as possible. Today, clients rule the relationship and they are demanding proof that they are getting maximum value for their money. This is a huge shift in protocol from the heady days prior to 2008, when law firms ruled on high like monarchs. In this shift, law firms have realized that, in order to maximize their profit potential, they must work leaner… not just in the number of personnel they hire, but also in the way that work gets done. Project management, knowledge sharing and technological prowess have emerged as key ingredients for profitability. I’d like to speak to the technological prowess piece

One Law Firm’s Experience with KnowBe4 Security Training

I’m writing this story about a law firm that recently signed up with Savvy for our KnowBe4 security awareness training. I’ve changed the names of the people and the firm, but the story is true and the quotes are accurate. Read on! <^>^<^> Benjamin Stevenson, Director of Information Technology with Joseph & Joseph, has noticed a trend: current and prospective clients are increasingly asking for proof of law firms’ security training and other prevention measures. “One prospective client’s RFP recently asked about participation rates among our attorneys and staff in our security training program,” says Stevenson. “They wanted to know how many people – what percentage – were actively taking our

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