Other Stuff That’s 20 Years Old This Year

In case you missed it, Savvy Training & Consulting is 20 years old this year! I wrote a history of the company last week (it’s riveting). But this week, I thought I’d have some fun and write about technologies that were born in 1997 like Savvy, and other fads we were enjoying back then. It sure gives a perspective on how long 20 years is and how fast technology changes! Enjoy! What Was Going on 20 years Ago in 1997? The PalmPilot was all the rage! In 1997, the PalmPilot 1000 was the “It Tech” to own and the New York Times raved that it “shared data with a desktop computer and synchronized information quickly on both machines.” The Digital Video Disc (DVD) Changed Everything! Entrepreneur ma

Savvy is 20 Years Old!

Break out the apple cider! Savvy is 20 years old! (When we turn 21 next year, we’ll break out the bubbly!) Waaay back in 1985, there was a company called MicroOne. It was a hardware integrator and it had a training division as part of its offerings. (To give you an idea of how long ago that was, it was the year of Windows 1.0 and the original Macintosh computer!) Then, in 1997, MicroOne was sold and the training division spun off, creating (drumroll please…) Savvy Training & Consulting! This year, Savvy celebrates its 20th anniversary and I’ve been reflecting on the company’s history, which closely mirrors the most exciting technological innovations of our age. And, as tech has advanced, we’

Automated On-Boarding: Bye-Bye Zombie Apocalypse, Hello Ready-to-Work Recruits!

Ohhhhhhh, lookee there! It’s a fresh new crop of attorneys joining the firm! Aren’t they cute in their wide-eyed excitement over the cases they’ll handle, the team of Cracker Jack attorneys they’re joining, the new suits they bought… But someone’s got to train them in the “Ways of The Firm.” And this process is seemingly endless because there are always new, wide-eyed attorneys walking in the door! To the HR and IT teams responsible for their care and feeding, this line of recruits can start to feel like the Zombie Apocalypse! Free up their (your?) time with an automated on-boarding process so that these professionals can spend their time on things that advance the firm’s capabilities and vi

How to Get the Most Out of ILTACON 2017

VISIT SAVVY: BOOTH 808 Who is getting excited about ILTACON 2017?! I am! I am! This is the 40th annual ILTACON and it’s being held August 13-17 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. If you’re already booked and planning to attend, make sure to visit Savvy at Booth 808. If you’re not already booked… what are you waiting for? This is literally the best place for legal professionals to network, beef up their skills, discover management and tech trends, hear from the industry’s top thinkers, and get cool swag! In my “prior life,” I served as COO of a mid-sized law firm; I remember how it can start to feel like you’re working in a vacuum if you don’t pop your head up out of the day-to-day sometimes. Att

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