Why I Love Microsystems (Hint: It has something to do with efficiency.)

If you’ve read my blog at all, you probably know me as the “lean training” guy. I’m the one who wants to support maximum efficiency at law firms through training programs that function lean-and-mean. The more efficiently an attorney can work, the more he or she can get done, ultimately delivering more high-quality work to the client. Efficiency. Quality. Increased Productivity. Those three words, when combined in actionable and repeatable firm-wide systems, can have a powerful effect on a law firm’s bottom line. Therefore, the lean training that Savvy provides to law firms enhances attorney productivity by leveraging advanced technologies to maximize efficiency. Which brings me to a company

National Cyber Security Awareness Month: We Must All Be Vigilant

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security declared October “National Cyber Security Awareness Month.” This is a pretty telling event: our nation’s security depends on each of us being more aware of the actions of those who would reach into our computers and take our data, tell us lies, lead us to shady sites and generally betray us in large and small ways. Remember the “good old days” when our nation’s security rested solely in the hands of our incredible military? Now, all of us have a duty to be vigilant every time we log into our computers, phones and mobile devices. We are the first line of defense. Why? Because we are a hyper-connected society and we have a naïve trust of what we read on

Have Traveling Classroom, Will Train

I’ll get right to the point: Savvy Training & Consulting has a Traveling Classroom all booted up and ready for you to use. It includes 8 to 16 laptops, preloaded with Microsoft Office 2016, and training exercises for each of the Office applications (ie. Excel, Word, etc.). You can also load the latest version of your document management system (DMS) to these laptops and conduct DMS trainings. The Savvy Traveling Classroom is available for short-term rentals and priced by the day, determined by the number of laptops that you rent. OK, so why is this such a fantastic tool for your training program? Because hands-on training is the best way to teach your attorneys and staff to use the applicati

Top 9 Benefits of an Automated On-Boarding for Law Firms

In real estate, the mantra has always been, “Location Location Location.” In training, it’s, “Automation Automation Automation.” We’ve all heard law firm partners breathe those deep sighs of annoyance when the word “training” comes up in a meeting. It’s not billable time so it feels like a drain. However, ongoing training is absolutely essential if a firm wants to keep up with its competitors in the increasingly high-tech legal industry. Perhaps the biggest strain on a training program is the never-ending on-boarding process, which feels a little like the movie, “Groundhog Day.” But, because the on-boarding process tends to be so turnkey and consistent (as opposed to new rollout training and

To the Legal Old Guard: Let the Youngsters Do Their Stuff!

We’ve all heard the familiar lament: Millennials are lazy. But many companies are learning that’s simply not the case. Millennials are becoming a hot commodity in many organizations because they easily adapt to change, adopt new technologies rapidly, force positive shifts in worn-out cultures, and seek new experiences with gusto. Doesn’t that sound like an employee you’d want at your law firm? And yet, many law firms are holding onto their old, low-tech, work-them-until-they-bleed, “when-I-was-your-age” culture and they are driving Millennials away. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! With law school enrollments trending downward or remaining flat, law firms are competing harder than e

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