How Are Those 2018 Resolutions Holding Up?

It’s the end of January 2018, which is about the time that all those unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions come crumbling down. Now is the time to get real! By that, I mean set realistic goals and formulate a step-by-step action plan for achieving them. And, if one of your goals is to lead your firm into technological competency, then I have already outlined the steps for success! Read on… Here are the 5 steps that a law firm must take in order to lead attorneys and staff to tech competency in 2018: 1. Buy a learning management system (LMS): Now, when a “to-do” item starts with “buy,” I know it can seem like a pitch. (insert eye-roll) But trainers around the globe will tell you that, in order t

Artificial Intelligence for Litigators: No Robots, Just Smart Document Assistance

When you hear the words “artificial intelligence,” you likely think of a TV robot that has learned its owners’ food preferences, schedules, musical tastes and even moods. (Where is Rosie the Robot when you need her?!) But in real life, artificial intelligence often looks and smells like normal technology. The difference is that today’s AI enables computers and other devices to perform tasks that we have typically only assigned to humans. (Tasks that humans typically hate and also typically botch.) In the legal world, think: document proofreading, editing, defining terms, creating references, building citations lists and more. Ohhhhh, wait, did I just hear you groan? Are those many of the tas

What’ll You Have? Create a Learning Menu for Your Law Firm

Remember that scene in “When Harry Met Sally” and Sally places an order at a diner but has so many changes to the order that she practically creates a new dish? Her pie ala mode becomes such a production that the waitress gives her a nasty look and Harry is agog. The implication is that this chick is HIGH MAINTENANCE and, let’s face it, a little whacky. But I think law firm trainers can learn a lot from this scene. In fact, if you find yourself rolling your eyes like the waitress or stunned like Harry when your learners state that they’d rather learn by ___________ (insert: webinar, quick reference guide, classroom training, mobile app, video tutorial…), then you’re probably missing a big op

Top 4 Reasons to Add Floor Support to Your Training Program

I’m gonna go all throw-back on you today. While I am a big lover of technology and all the efficiencies it adds to our lives, I’m also a believer that nothing “sticks” as well as in-person interaction. Would you rather be on a date with your loved one or on FaceTime? Would you rather read your child a book or have a book read to them by Learning Ally? Would you rather pitch a client in person or over video conference? Would you rather ask a question of an expert in the field or of Siri? All of those technologies are fantastic and thank goodness we can reach the people and the answers we need when we need them. But I think we can all agree that we value (most) people more than technology and

Are You Vulnerable to Phishing?

Sometimes I think about the mind of a cybercriminal and I imagine that they’ve got to be among the most cynical, twisted people on our planet. So many of the techniques that they invent to hack into our computers derive from a sense of disdain and arrogance. Simply put: they think we’re all idiots. I mean, if you invent a fake email that tells people they just won the lottery and they click on it “to find out how much they won,” why wouldn’t you become cynical and arrogant? People behave like idiots! Of course, most phishing campaigns are way more sophisticated than, “You won the lottery.” Cybercriminals steal our bank’s logo and send us alerts that tell us our account has been hacked. Or th

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