Compliance Training for Law Firms: Way Easier Than You Might Expect

Let me tell you a story about a beleaguered HR professional who recently called me about doing a compliance training for her law firm. She works at a firm of 350 people but there is only one HR person (her) and one IT director to manage all of the firm’s HR and IT needs. That’s it. Two people. The HR person (let’s call her Rachel) reached out to me because she knew that we do harassment trainings, but she asked for a PowerPoint presentation. Always one to listen to my customers, I told her I could absolutely provide her with a PowerPoint presentation on harassment, but I asked her a few more questions. As it turned out, there was no way that she could have given a PowerPoint presentation to

GDPR: SavvyAcademy LMS Will Be Compliant!

Right about the time the calendar ticked over to 2018, a rumble started growing amongst the techie types who are in charge of managing their company’s client data. That rumble started with a “GDdddrrrrrr” and seems to be hitting a crescendo with “PRay we get this right!” The key sounds in this world-wide call-to-action are: GDPR. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and, while it is a European regulation, it will impact any company, firm or organization that collects, processes or manages information about a European citizen, no matter where in the world that company does business. So yeah. It’s kind of a big deal. At a time when law firms are being targeted by cybercriminals w

Savvy is Hitting the Road: Visit us at an upcoming ILTA Roadshow or invite us to speak at your meeti

Hello Savvy friends! Jay Stromberg, Savvy's Chief of Business Development, and I are hitting the road this spring to share our thoughts on the American Bar Association’s mandate that lawyers achieve and maintain “tech competency” in order to provide ethical representation to their clients. We’d love to visit your city, your ILTA chapter or your firm to share this important information. Here are two upcoming dates and locations: Wednesday, February 21: 12pm – 1:30pm Perkins Coie 2901 N. Central Avenue Suite 2000 Phoenix, AZ 85012 Register here. Wednesday, April 18: 12pm – 1:30pm Winstead PC 500 Winstead Building 2728 N. Harwood Street Dallas, TX 75201 Register here. More About My Presentation

"Unusual and Really Scary" -- Recent Ransomcloud Chain has Security Experts Worried

Bad guys never sleep. They are constantly looking for ways to get through your security systems and their favorite method is through email. Why? Because humans are notoriously trusting (and curious like a bunch of chimpanzees) and we will click on anything. Check out the latest warning from KnowBe4’s Chief Hacking Officer Kevin Mitnick. (He actually used to be a bad guy and now, jiu-jitsu-style, he is using his mad skills against the enemy.) I suggest you watch the 5-minute video that Kevin posts in this blog. The first few minutes are visually dull but keep watching because at 3:40, things get really scary. The lesson here isn’t that you need to train yourself and your law firm employees to

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