The Tax Man Emaileth

You know that old saying, “The only guarantees in life are death and taxes?” To that pithy, depressing phrase, I’d like to add “death, taxes and phishing.” Yes, I believe that phishing is and will be forever a part of our human experience because criminals know we are suckers. And no matter how many people I can train and turn into discerning email users, there is another sucker born every minute. (Another pithy, depressing cliché.) In a nutshell: phishing is the cause of the greatest hacks we’re facing today. And unless we all stop emailing, it ain’t going away. I don’t plan to stop emailing. Do you? Nah. So, phishing is going to remain part of our lives. The question is, what are you doing

Training Content for Law Firms

Let’s face it. The law firm industry is special. (No, not like your sister’s husband is “special.”) Our work, words and legal products are so highly specialized that some people say they can’t even understand “legalese.” And within each law firm, there are unique protocols and systems that further refine the work that we do. As a trainer serving a law firm, you have cascading levels of knowledge that you must personally stay ahead of and then easily and quickly share with everyone in your firm. From giant software releases to miniscule tasks like creating tables of contents in the firm’s authorized format, you must infuse everyone in your firm with the knowledge they need to work efficiently

Justifying Training Costs

The struggle is real! From time to time, I hear from law firm trainers who love Savvy’s products and services, but who struggle to justify any training costs to upper management. Let’s face it: training often gets back-burnered by the people who hold the purse strings. Then, it’s up to the trainer to justify basically everything that he or she believes in! This purely financial decision for management becomes an emotional struggle for trainers. Therefore, I thought I’d share some tactics that I’ve seen work at other law firms around budget time. In a nutshell: your best bet is to stick to the facts (keep the emotion out of it) and prove the value of training to the firm using dollars and co

GDPR for Law Firms: Protect Your European Clients

Unless you have your head under a rock (or a pillow, in which case I’m jealous), you have heard of the European Union’s push for more identification protections for its citizens. It’s called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and it is a sweeping undertaking that applies to all European citizens, no matter where they live. Basically, any company, organization or firm that manages and maintains information on a European citizen must be in compliance with GDPR. It doesn’t matter if you operate out of a hut in northern Alaska; you must comply with GDPR if you collect, process and maintain data on Europeans. Sooooo, yeah. We all have to be compliant because, if you don’t have European

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