IT Professionals Must Embrace Their Involvement in Security Training

A recent Legaltech News story titled “3 New Responsibilities Legal IT Departments Face Because of Cyber Threats,” shares the strategies that IT professionals should now incorporate into their overall technology management plan in order to keep sensitive data protected. Those strategies include: Firms must integrate cybersecurity functions with IT disaster recovery functions: The article, written by Jeff Ton, argues that breaches by cybercriminals need to be elevated to the status of “disasters,” and handled with the same protocols that a firm might use, for example, during an extreme weather event that knocks out access to and security of firm documents. Firms are encouraged to partner with

Ways You’re Using the Cloud Without Even Knowing It

As I visit law firms, I frequently hear from trainers and IT professionals who say that their upper management and attorneys are “afraid to move to the cloud.” These trainers and IT folks are usually quite tech-savvy and understand that this resistance is holding the firm back (and also putting its clients at risk of a security breach) but they struggle to break through the mental barrier that others have put up. I have a suggestion: Why not point out to them all the ways that they are already using the cloud in their personal lives? Such as… Phone storage: Remember “back in the day” when you’d lose your phone and discovered that you lost all of your contacts? Or when you moved into a new ph

An LMS That Serves YOU! (Not the other way around.)

Would you buy a cable service that chooses shows for you instead of letting you surf for your own programming? Would you purchase a cell phone that only allowed you to store contacts if you called customer service first? Would you buy a computer that wouldn’t allow you to customize your usage preferences (ie. only one email provider option or forced internet access through only one platform)? Not only no, but H.E.L.L. no, right?! Well, why would you subscribe to a learning management system (LMS) that doesn’t give you access to robust administrator tools, easily customized learning content, the ability to upload and store your own content and users, and stellar customer service for those tim

The SavvyImplant and Other Exciting Training Technologies

Dear Friends, I have incredibly exciting news to share. Savvy Training & Consulting has been hard at work on some new technologies that, I believe, are nothing short of revolutionary. Here at Savvy, we hear from law firm trainers every day who want to make it easier to train lawyers and their support staff so that the entire firm’s work product is of a higher quality. These trainers understand the efficiencies attainable through a well-trained law firm, leading to big bottom-line results. But how do you get attorneys to take the time necessary for training? How do you deliver it in dynamic, appealing ways? How do you get the content to stick in people’s brains? Take heart! On April 1, 2018,

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