Case Study: Verrill Dana Supports Ongoing Training Program with SavvySMART Content Library

THE VERRILL DANA STORY CLIENT: Samantha, Training Coordinator Verrill Dana LLP CHALLENGE: Samantha is the sole trainer at her law firm of approximately 250 employees who work across four different offices in Maine, Boston and Connecticut. Samantha needed training materials at the push of a button so that she wouldn’t have to create handouts, quick reference guides and tutorials every time she taught a course or offered one-on-one help. Ideally, this content would include training materials specific to the law industry. SOLUTION: SavvySMART Content Library RESULTS: Samantha reports the following: “SavvySMART saves me time. I just taught a slew of Excel classes and I did not have to create han

LTA: Make Sure You Pass the Test

It’s been three years since The Washington Post ran a challenging headline: “Lawyers, could you pass this test?” In the story, reporter Catherine Ho explained that Casey Flaherty had left the in-house counsel team at Kia Motors, where he had been charged with monitoring spending at the company’s nine outside law firms. What he found not only upset him, it changed the trajectory of his career. While at Kia, Flaherty began auditing the nine outside law firms on the way they used their time and how efficiently they completed tasks, such as working in Microsoft Word. “The results were all bad, but they were different degrees of bad,” he reported. Meaning: Kia was WAY overspending on legal fees b

Creating Culture Change: How One Firm Made Technology Training a Priority

Recently, I was speaking with a colleague who provides contract technology training services to law firms. (Full disclosure: She is also part of the Savvy team bench!) This woman told me about a year-long experience that she recently had with a firm and it was so universally applicable that we agreed to share it as a case study. Here are the facts in a nutshell: The challenge: Ongoing technology training efforts were delivering minimal results due to lack of buy-in throughout the firm and due to a lack of individualized training abilities. The solution: Create a complete culture shift from the top down, including customized training opportunities for individual staff and attorneys. The resul

What is a PDF? (And What ISN’T It?)

Throughout my career in the legal industry, I’ve spoken with people who have the impression that PDF documents are “secure.” When I ask them what they think this means, I often hear they believe it is difficult to change the document. Sadly, this isn’t true. Worse: When attorneys believe this common myth, they can put sensitive client data at risk. Today, I thought I’d write about PDFs and why they are really good for some tasks, really bad for others, and how you can assure that you’re using them properly. What is a PDF? The beauty of a PDF (“portable document format”) is that, no matter who opens it and no matter what kind of device they’re using, they will see it exactly as you intended b

Improve the ROI on Your DMS

I have a friend who recently purchased an “old school” SLR digital camera. (It seems weird to say “old school” and “digital” in the same sentence.) To achieve her desired goals with this camera, she’s got to learn how to manage light, shutter speed, manual focus, apertures and more. She told me, though, that the learning curve will be entirely worth it when she can finally capture the quality photos that she desires. In order to learn all the new whistles and bells on this camera, my friend has decided to take several classes from a local photographer. Otherwise, she knows she’ll just end up using it as a glorified cell phone camera. So, in a way, she is investing twice in her new camera: 1)

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