“That Was Fun!” said no HR compliance trainee ever. Until Now!

OVERHEARD IN THE X, Y, Z LAW FIRM: HR Manager: “Everyone, I have great news! I’ve just released the new compliance training modules on our learning management system! Feel free to dive in and take those courses as soon as your schedule allows.” Every single staff member and attorney: “YESSSSSSSSS!” If this sounds like a dream sequence in a Pixar blockbuster, then you must be an HR manager who has had to release old-school compliance trainings to moans, groans and all-out tantrums at your law firm. Let me tell you, those days are over. Savvy Training & Consulting now offers interactive, customizable, attention-grabbing and effective training content that can have a lasting impact on your firm

Attention Small- to Mid-Size Firms: This Affordable Technology May Save You Hours of Work (and prote

Last October, I touted the benefits of Litera Microsystems products for delivering affordable efficiencies to law firms. Now I have a fantastic case study to share to prove my point! But before I dive into the story of this particular firm, let me give you the nutshell. The Nutshell Litera Microsystems products deliver: Efficiency Quality Increased productivity And when you can deliver your products faster, with fewer errors and in more volume, your bottom line goes up, up, up! Is your curiosity properly whetted? Then read on to learn how this firm of 130 employees learned that Litera Microsystems DocXtools Companion was affordable and could quickly improve their work (and their quality of l

PinHawk Says: "Time To Hug Your Trainers"

In its June 14, 2018 edition, PinHawk: The Law Technology Daily Digest suggested that law firms hug their trainers because there's a big change coming to Microsoft products: "In the biggest overhaul since 2007 and the ribbon, "Microsoft is overhauling the interfaces of all the Office versions to bring a much more consistent look and feel across the various platforms that the applications support. This new interface will have three central elements." Just when you thought it was safe, you'll see a new, simpler ribbon, with new icons and colors. If you've gone Office 365, you'll get it first! It is time to hug your trainers, buy them coffee and donuts or wine and cheese and get ready. Read mor

10 Ways to Spot a Phishing Email

There is no such thing as a 100% fool-proof security system that can protect your law firm from phishing emails. And that’s pretty alarming because phishing is now one of the top ways that criminals infiltrate companies with malware and ransomware. These schemes are developed by cybercriminals to steal your firm’s sensitive information or to hold your data hostage for steep ransoms. Why do cybercriminals love phishing? Because it works. Why does it work when we have the most brilliant minds in IT working to fight it? Because phishing achieves success by taking advantage of our trusting human nature, and there is no high-tech security product or platform in the world that can block our inquis

NotPetya: How You Can Prevent the Next Attack on Your Law Firm

Want to know the ugly (like, SUPER ugly) truth about how badly a dirty piece of malware could cripple your law firm? Check out the recently released spreadsheet shared by Michael Sampson. Michael calculated the impact of NotPetya on DLA Piper, including direct costs of the IT staff, and the numbers are startling. Even scarier, the numbers don’t include the lost productivity of partners and lawyers, who were without email for four days. In a nutshell, Michael thinks the law firm lost $2.25 million just on IT labor alone. “For the direct costs of recovery, assuming a fully-burdened cost per hour of labour at $150, I get $2.25 million. This does not include lost productivity for partners and la

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