Is This Thing Working? Evaluate Your Training Program

Remember tests in school? Pop tests? Quizzes? And the dreaded finals? As students, they were the bane of our existence. As trainers, however, we need to test ourselves and our programs constantly. If they aren’t working, our firms may fall behind! It’s a big deal! (I know our teachers thought diagramming sentences was a big deal, too, but I’m thinking this might be bigger.) But how do you evaluate a training program? Often, our training is so uber-responsive to attorney and staff needs that we hardly have time to be strategic about the future, let alone what we’ve achieved in the past. Well, I’m here to tell you that with just a wee bit of planning and forethought, you could be looking at mo

What Happens at ILTACON 2018… Improves Your Firm’s Learning Culture!

Are you going to ILTACON 2018 in National Harbor, MD? I am! And I am participating in a panel discussion titled, “Successful Strategies for Engaging and Motivating Learners,” which will be held on Thursday, August 23 from 2-3pm in the Maryland D conference room. (Click the link to add it to your calendar.) Here is the session description: “Attorneys and staff are busy, often stressed-out, and hate wasting their time. They want and need learning experiences that help them work smarter, and achieve their goals. What new methodologies can be used to meet the demanding needs of today's legal learners? Don’t miss this innovative presentation on neuroscience, adult learning theory, and training st

On the Road Again! Invite Us to Speak about Tech Competency at Your Firm

Savvy Training & Consulting is back on the road this summer! Jay Stromberg, Savvy’s Chief of Business Development, and I have visited five cities and five firms so far and we’ve had an important message to share. In a nutshell: We all have a duty to be technologically competent in order to provide ethical representation to our clients. But more on that later… So far, we have visited the following beautiful cities and we were hosted by the following brilliant firms: Phoenix, February 21, Perkins Coie, LLP Dallas, April 18, Winstead, PC DC, May 8, Nixon Peabody, LLP Chicago, June 5, Vedder Price PC Minneapolis, June 7, Fredrikson & Byron, PA Hats off to these firms for embracing the future. An

How Training Perfectly Addresses the Top 5 Challenges Identified in the 2018 Aderant Survey

According to the 2018 Aderant “Business of Law and Legal Technology Survey,” many law firms report that business is better than last year, and a small percentage report that business is “much better.” (Well, good for YOU guys!) It’s nice to feel like we’re truly turning a corner after many lean years. However, as with any business, the legal industry faces many challenges. Respondents to the 2018 survey reported that these were their Top 5 Challenges: 1. Pricing Pressure 2. Cybersecurity 3. Operational Efficiency 4. Technology Adoption 5. Competition You know what I see when I review that list? The perfect “to-do list” for technology training and education at your law firm! How might trainin

Extended Enterprise Training: Streamline Your Efforts with an LMS

Remember the quaint old days when your training efforts could reach everyone in the firm personally? Those were the bucolic times when you could train everyone in a classroom or one-on-one. Today, even small firms have attorneys and staff who work from far outposts (aka “home”) or in distant offices. Our drive to keep employees who need flexibility and to compete for clients outside of our metro areas have scattered us hither and yon. So, the challenge to trainers is this: How do you keep everyone’s skills up-to-date so that the firm can move forward as one efficient force? The answer: a cloud-based learning management system, such as the SavvyAcademy LMS. With a cloud-based LMS, you can do

One Day of Tech Training Pays Off Big Time: A Case Study

“The training absolutely met our goals and we plan to call upon Savvy again for more Excel and possibly Word training in the near future. It was a success and the evaluations were fantastic. This was a great value and presentation and I would recommend Savvy for any company.” Chrissie Eastin, Lourie & Cutler, P.C. THE LOURIE & CUTLER STORY CLIENT: Chrissie Eastin, Director of Administration Lourie & Cutler, P.C. CHALLENGES: Several staff required more advanced knowledge of Excel. The firm needed a trainer who could educate everyone in a single, 2-hour class even though everyone was at various levels of familiarity with the software. SOLUTIONS: Savvy Training & Consulting, an individual trai

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