KnowBe4 Client Goes from 29% Phish Clicks to .03% in Five Months

I’ve shared some pretty impressive success stories about KnowBe4, the best security awareness training program available today, and I’d like to share another one with you. This one, however, is going to take us outside of the law industry and into the rest of the world, where just about every sector you can imagine is also facing a very aggressive onslaught of cyberattacks. I’m sure you’ve seen stories about banks and retailers getting hit with destructive attacks, but did you know that K-12 school districts are also big targets? This is because school districts hold massive amounts of sensitive data about their students and families, including social security numbers. Since kids tend to hav

Use the Stuff You Already Paid For!

UpSkilling. ReSkilling. SideSkilling. ReLearning. ReEngaging. JumpSkilling. Enhanced-Skilling. Advanced-Skilling. SmartSkilling. These are some fancy words that all suggest we should be continuous learners, whether to change our careers, advance our careers, or (not to be casually overlooked) keep up with our careers. In the legal industry, where technology is changing the way we work nearly as rapidly as in the medical field, law firms are constantly tempted to buy the new bling, the new tool, the latest-and-greatest work hack to “make life easier” or to “work more efficiently.” But I would suggest to you that many law firms aren’t even using their most fundamental tech-tools to their maxim

10 Benefits of Using an LMS for Your New Hire Orientation Process

Training new hires in your firm: It can seem like Groundhog Day. With the revolving door of today’s marketplace, law firms are constantly saying goodbye to employees and hiring their replacements. While new blood can infuse a firm with energy and new ideas, it can also disrupt systems and efficiency. Seasoned attorneys who join your firm have their own way of doing things, which may throw a monkey wrench into your firm’s systems. Fresh-faced new attorneys may know all the latest technologies and software programs but have zero idea how to apply it properly in your environment. Your new hires need to be trained in “The Company Way,” and fast! Why Do You Need a Learning Management System? If y

Tech Training CLE: Coming to a State Bar Association Near You

The change is a’coming! And the South is a’leading the way! As you no doubt know, I’m a big believer in the idea that today’s lawyers need to be proficient users of technology. Simply put: It is not only inefficient for attorneys to stick to the “old ways” of doing business, but it is unethical. And while you may think it’s ok to be inefficient (though I hope not), I doubt you would argue that it’s ok to be unethical. (And actually, I think being inefficient is as unethical as lying about your hours to a client just to make more money. If you don’t use a client’s time efficiently, you are unethically billing them. But I digress.) The North Carolina Bar Association is now poised to join Flori

ILTACON 2018: Learn How to Break Down Training Silos to Build Learning Collaborations

Have you heard the parable about the blind men who all approach an elephant and each describes the small region of the elephant that he touches? One man describes feeling something “as thick as a snake,” (the trunk). Another describes a large thin “fan,” (the ear). Still another says he feels something “large like a pillar,” (a leg). Ultimately, the blind men, who were once good friends, come to blows because they believe the other men are lying. I have seen this parable played out in law firms where training programs have become so departmentalized that people can’t see the big picture (the elephant) because they’ve only been shown small sections (the trunk, the leg, the ear). Do you suspec

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