Phrases People HATE to See in Their In-Boxes

Did you see the recent study released by Adobe? It had me cracking up (and thinking “been there”) so I thought I’d share some of the highlights with you. First, let’s do a one-question quiz. What phrase drives you the craziest when you see it in your email inbox? A. “Not sure if you saw my last email.” B. “Per my last email.” C. “Any update on this?” D. “Re-attaching for convenience.” If you checked "A," then you voted with 25% of Adobe’s 1000 respondents who said, “Not sure if you saw my last email,” was the single most annoying phrase to see in their inbox. Here’s how the rest of the phrases stacked up: Per my last email: 13% Per our conversation: 11% Any update on this: 11% Sorry for the

Here's What’s New from KnowBe4!

Schedule a Free Demo to Experience the Power of This Security Awareness Training Platform First-Hand! Savvy Training & Consulting is a proud vendor partner of KnowBe4 products and services. KnowBe4 is the world’s leader in security training, which is fast becoming one of the highest training priorities in the law firm industry due to the vast amounts of sensitive client data that we must keep secure. KnowBe4 not only offers its own state-of-the-art phishing campaign platform and other products, but it also partners with other cutting-edge security companies to offer relevant and (gasp!) entertaining security training content. In this way, KnowBe4 helps its clients stay five steps ahead of th


CLE Event Encourages Attorneys to Become Tech Savvy Moye White, a Denver-based business law firm serving clients throughout the United States and internationally, is hosting an ethics CLE titled “Uphold Your Firm’s Professional Duty to be Tech Savvy” on September 25 from 12:00-1:30 p.m. by Doug Striker of Savvy Training & Consulting. Colorado-based attorneys are encouraged to register for the event, as well as law firm technology professionals. Attorney participants will receive a free ethics credit. The American Bar Association (ABA) recently adopted a change to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct to clarify that lawyers have a duty to be competent not only in the law and its practice b

Financial Institution Goes from 39% Phish-Prone Rate to 2.17% in One Year Thanks to KnowBe4 Training

Nothing’s guaranteed except death and taxes. AND email phishing attacks! I’m serious. If you have email (and I know you do), then you are at risk of being attacked by a cybercriminal who is looking to steal your personal data. And this threat is not going away. As long as there are electronic in-boxes, there will be nefarious emails from criminals who simply need you to click on a bogus link in order to download wicked tentacles into your computer or network. Law firms are particularly enticing to criminals because they store oodles of sensitive client data. Likewise, the financial industry constantly battles phishing attempts from crooks looking for customer data and financial information.

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