Top 6 Things To Expect in Your Law Firm's Training Content

As a trainer serving a law firm, you have cascading levels of knowledge that you must personally stay ahead of and then easily and quickly share with everyone in your firm. From giant software releases to miniscule tasks like creating tables of contents in the firm’s authorized format, you must infuse everyone in your firm with the knowledge they need to work efficiently and successfully. Most law firm trainers buy content libraries that offer an easily accessible knowledge base to their firm. This content should not only offer learning materials for every software rollout and update, but also contain the firm-approved protocols for work products. Such an expansive, thorough, continuously up

Why I Partner with Litera Microsystems

One of the biggest drags on a law firm’s productivity is in document creation and management. The lifecycle of a document in a law firm is extremely vulnerable to inconsistencies, inaccuracies and even security breaches. In my career as a law firm COO and now as a trainer, I have seen so many firms lose client trust simply because they didn’t manage their documents rigorously. Additionally, firms that don’t have a solid document lifecycle process in place are extremely inefficient, which is a huge waste of time (aka “money”). Luckily, Litera Microsystems has a suite of products that solve every challenge that law firms face today as they try to take the reins of their document process. I’m p

Time for Your Q4 Spending Spree? Give Your Entire Firm the Gift of Fun, Impactful Training with Savv

December is around the corner and, because I served as a COO for a law firm for many years, I know that it’s time for departments to spend down any remaining money they have in their coffers. I have seen department heads spend wisely on products and services that improved their team’s work product, and I have seen department heads act like it’s 5am on Black Friday, scooping entire shelves of big box products into their carts without checking labels or even contents! If you’re getting ready to spend down your budget, why not spend it on items that will provide long-term, strategic improvements for your firm? Namely, consider a learning management system that can elevate your entire firm’s wor

Why Do I Need a Learning Management System?

I was recently contacted by a human resources manager who, thanks to a law firm acquisition, is now also serving as her firm’s technology training manager. This woman was doing her best to take on her new role with gusto but had quickly realized that she wasn’t able to manage each person’s training needs with the tools at her disposal. She called and asked, “Why do I need a learning management system?” First of all, I love her openness to learning about new tech! That’s what our industry needs today! (Hello, ABA Model Rule 1.1.) So, we had a long discussion about how she was currently trying to manage her training program and the ways that an LMS could help her. Here are a few of the topics

Savvy Receives Two Prestigious eLearning Awards in 2018!

If you could peek into the Savvy offices today, you’d see lots of high fives (Top Gun style, of course), back-slapping, happy dancing and ingratiating complements (“No, it was all YOU!” “Oh, I can’t take the credit, it was YOU!”). So, without further ado, may I share our big news? SAVVY TRAINING & CONSULTING WAS NOMINATED BY OUR VERY OWN WONDERFUL CLIENTS FOR SEVERAL eLEARNING AWARDS AND WE ARE A FINALIST IN TWO CATEGORIES! Award-Winning Law Firm Learning Products and Services Here are the two areas in which we earned “Best of eLearning” Awards: The SavvySmart Content Library is a finalist in the “Compliance Training” category, as is Vado, one of our esteemed partners in this topic area. We

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