5 Predictions for Legal IT in 2019

Hello Savvy Friends! Today, I'm very pleased to run an article by Marcus Bluestein, Chief Technology Officer at the legal IT consulting firm Kraft Kennedy. Savvy and Kraft Kennedy have many synergies, but because I'm prone to keeping things simple, the best way to explain our relationship is this: Kraft Kennedy helps law firms design and implement the right technology solutions; Savvy helps law firms use those technologies efficiently through training. Now, because I also need to stay ahead of the tech curve, I often read Kraft Kennedy's blog (hey, I'm a lifelong learner!), and this one jumped out at me. I thought my readers might be as interested as I am to see what's coming down the tech p

Good News/Bad News: Results from the 2018 ABA Tech Report

Have you had a chance to chew on the meaty statistics available in the 2018 ABA Tech Report? I’ve had to take it in pieces because there is so much to digest, but as you may imagine, my favorite data comes from the areas that discuss technology training. And in that arena, I found some good news and some bad news. Good News from the 2018 ABA Tech Report Overall, 81.9% of respondents indicated it was “very important” or “somewhat important” to receive training on their firms’ technology. A majority of respondents report that having to stay abreast of the benefits and risks of technology is part of their basic competency requirement (61.6%). I give a lot of credit to the American Bar Associati

NetDocuments 18.3 -- What's New?

One of the many things I love about NetDocs for my law firm clients is that, because it is cloud-based, you are almost always using the latest and greatest version. While the company updates its platform on a quarterly basis, users generally face very little brain damage to advance to the latest version. No giant roll-out hassle; it’s all done for you! (However, if you are using ndOffice, it is possible to maintain an older version and only upgrade at your convenience. Just remember: the longer you wait, the steeper the learning curve!) Savvy Training & Consulting offers its clients all the NetDocuments trainings they need in the formats they decide are best for their firm. From continuous N

Knowledge Management for Law Firms: The Training Component

Recently, I ran across a fantastic interview with Patrick DiDomenico, the Chief Knowledge Officer at Ogletree Deakins and the author of Knowledge Management for Lawyers. The interview is available at ReinventingProfessionals.com. In the interview, Mr. DiDomenico said, “I liked practicing but I found it frustrating. I found that it was an inefficient exercise. ... I found myself using that free time to organize my cases, to try to figure out how to do things more efficiently using spreadsheets and other sorts of crude tools and things like that, to find out how to be a better lawyer, how to practice better.” He named some of the challenges he faced: With several offices, how do you know who k

A Trainer is in Da House! (Your house, that is.)

I spend a lot of time talking about the efficiencies of online training delivered by our cloud-based LMS, but I think it’s high-time I talked about the inherent value of in-person training, as well. Savvy has been providing living, breathing trainers to law firms for over 20 years! And, honestly, these experts are so good at what they do that a few of them have been snapped up as full-time employees by my clients. (No hard feelings. I get it… whimper.) In some situations, a computer can’t adopt a firm’s protocols, can’t anticipate a learner’s needs, can’t follow the thread of a conversation to the next logical step, or simply can’t provide the human experience necessary to make learning fun!

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