Lawyers as Cybercrime-Fighters

As you know by now, more and more states are jumping on the Model Rule 1.1 bandwagon. (If you don’t know: That’s the ABA rule stating that lawyers have an ethical duty to be technologically competent.) Now, the District of Columbia is considering adding yet another duty its members’ job descriptions: cybercrime-fighters! As guru Bob Ambrogi wrote in his May 30 Law Sites blog: “In addition, the committee has recommended changes to make clear that a lawyer’s duty to protect the confidentiality of client information includes the responsibility to protect against unauthorized access, such as through hacking.” As of this writing, The District of Columbia hasn’t decided whether to adopt the tech-c

Why Good Content (owned by you) Is the Foundation of Your Training Program

I just heard a story that left me aghast. I was talking with a law firm trainer who said that her learning content vendor just took away all of her content! Just because she was changing providers! Yes, we live in a time when everyone seems to be saying, “If you won’t play with me, I’m taking my ball and going home.” But at Savvy, we do things differently. Once we deliver our SavvySMART Content Library to a client, we will never, ever take it back. Like, ever. Even better, we provide continuous updates to that content while we remain partners AND the content is fully customizable to a firm’s brand and protocols. You buy it, manipulate it and customize it to your heart’s content (or ask for o

Top 5 Reasons to Partner with Savvy

As CEO and owner of Savvy Training & Consulting, I ask myself this question all the time: “Why should people hire Savvy?” By asking that question on a near-daily basis, I challenge myself to constantly give current and prospective clients a compelling, competitive and useful reason to work with Savvy every single day. Often, the answer is as simple as, “We have the best training products and services in the legal industry!” Honestly, that should be my first answer every single time I ponder the question. But once I get beyond Savvy’s products and services, which I am constantly fine-tuning and improving, I believe that I must give people bigger, more impactful reasons to work with Savvy, as

We’ve Hired More Writers! Help Us Put Them to Work!

Good news! We’ve chained a few Savvy content writers to their desks for the foreseeable future and put them to work drafting new content for the SavvySMART Content Library (SSCL)! Yes, we have always written new content on a regular basis (and loaded it continuously into the SavvyAcademy Learning Management System for those subscribers), but we recently decided to kick it up a notch. This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Upgrade Environment Remember the good ol’ days when a software provider – say, Microsoft – would release annual updates? Remember when you had the ability to opt into those updates or not, based on your firm’s timetable or employee skill levels? Those days are gone. Thanks to cloud-hosted

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