Teaching and Doing are Different

Wayne Gretzky was the greatest hockey player ever to hit the ice, but when it came to coaching a team, he was not an all-star. This random thought hit me after I read a recent article in HR Daily Advisor titled, “What Training Skills Do Your Managers Need?” The article begins: “Managers are often expected to have some role in the training and development of their employees. After all, it’s the manager who oversees the work of his or her staff members. In addition, as the person responsible for the team’s performance, managers have a strong incentive to mold the performance of the individuals who compose that team. “Unfortunately, managers aren’t necessarily the best trainers. Oftentimes, the

Law Firm Training Content: A Chat with Savvy’s Content Oracle, Terry Aurit

Terry Aurit is something of a celebrity in the Savvy circle. Mention her name to any of our clients and they say things like, “Awesome!” “Amazing!” and “Mind-Boggling.” (Seriously. The rest of us are only slightly jealous.) Terry leads Savvy’s training content development and is also at the front of many of our customer service efforts, so I thought it would be fun to give people a glimpse into the magic behind Terry’s efforts. In a nutshell: Terry understands the legal industry and she’s very passionate about adult learning theory. That combination makes her like the Oracle of Law Firm Training Content. When to Teach Them to Fish. When to Feed Them Terry has over 30 years of law firm experi

Fowler White Burnett Taps Savvy Training & Consulting to Take Firm-Wide Training to the Next Le

Fowler White Burnett has always valued technology training as a strategic investment in the firm’s long-term viability. Recently, the firm hired Savvy Training & Consulting to take their efforts to the next level. “The law industry is witnessing incredible advancements in technology and software,” says the firm’s Executive Director, Robert D. McDougal, IV. “Tasks that humans have done for decades can now be done by computers in a fraction of the time. We receive tremendous document dumps that we’re supposed to review which would take humans weeks to accomplish. A computer can do it in a matter of seconds. It is imperative attorneys and their legal teams know how to use the tech tools the fir

Savvy Training & Consulting: Constantly Improving for You

You probably know that Savvy offers an award-winning learning management system (LMS) and rich, legal-specific learning content, but did you know that we constantly update them to improve our users’ experience? Most recently, we completed the following updates to the SavvyAcademy™ LMS: Auto-Assign Rules: We are all about automation, automation, automation! One of our many goals is to continue to find ways to have the administrator doing as little manual work as possible. The new auto-assign rules allow the admin to automatically assign users to groups based on their responses to custom user data/profile information. For example, if a learner says she is a paralegal, she will automatically

Heed This! Law Firm Nearly Falls Victim to Wire Transfer Fraud

I recently received an email from a client that made my blood run cold. This firm came incredibly close to losing $150K in a wire transfer fraud. Thanks to an alert employee who trusted her “Spidey Senses” when the email crossed her desk, the firm averted disaster. Before I go into the story, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t mention that this firm is a KnowBe4 customer and has been training its employees to notice and stop exactly this type of fraud. Simply put: training paid off BIG TIME for this firm. Here is the story in the words of the alert employee: We had a new case that came into the firm on June 13 and we decided to terminate representation on June 26 after too many red flags

Why the SavvyAcademy LMS for Law Firms Stands Above the Crowd

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog about the SavvyAcademy LMS and why it stands above other law firm learning management systems. In that blog, I included a list that I titled, “But Wait! There’s More!” with a long list of the “nice-to-have” options that SavvyAcademy includes. Today, I thought I’d break that list down to explain why some of these above-and-beyond features can make your life easier… DEFINITELY easier than an LMS that you might get without these features (and still probably pay more than you would for SavvyAcademy). Read on! You might ask, “Why would I need these features in the SavvyAcademy LMS?” Well, let me tell you why! SavvyAcademy LMS is priced by users, not by the to

Tech in Law Firms: How Old Is Too Old?

Last month, writer Lucy Taylor wrote an article for Law Technology Today titled, “Seven Signs Your Law Firm’s Technology is Outdated.” I’m going to share her Seven Signs and then share a few from the intrepid Savvy team, as well! (We have seen some things, my friends…) Lucy’s list includes (with my comments in parentheses)… Your Computer Monitors are Heavy. (This is actually my favorite. GIANT, clunky monitors. Remember those?!) You Still Have Tons of File Cabinets. (I don’t know a law firm that’s not guilty of this.) You Aren’t Automating Anything. (Some lawyers’ computers can’t even support automated calendars and notifications.) It Takes a Long Time to Help Clients. (Don’t kid yourself: t

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