Savvy Is Offering Big Q4 Incentives for New and Current Clients!

Savvy Training & Consulting has announced Q4 incentives for new and current clients who purchase a Savvy service or product before December 31, 2019. Discounts for Brand-New Savvy Customers Not currently a Savvy customer? Consider the following… Do you have an LMS but need something more user-friendly? More customizable to your firm’s specific uses? Do you need training content targeted specifically to the legal industry? Are you searching for a security awareness training partner? Are you planning to rollout a new technology in 2020 and plan to include onsite training? Now is the time to contact Savvy Training & Consulting. We would love to give you a free demo of our award-winning training

SavvySMART Content Library Earns “Best of Elearning” Finalist Spot!

Thanks to our very own customers, who must have voted for Savvy in the 2019 Best of Elearning awards, because we just found out that the SavvySMART Content Library was named a finalist in the “Content Aggregator” category! “The SavvySMART Content Library is the only training content created specifically for the legal industry,” explains Doug Striker, CEO of Savvy Training & Consulting. “Because we target our training materials to the very unique needs of this document-heavy industry, we believe that we provide second-to-none skills advancement for legal secretaries, paralegals and lawyers. We’re thrilled to be recognized as a top content provider!” The annual Elearning Awards are presented b

The Savvy Approach to Law Firm Training Content

In the last year, Savvy Training & Consulting has quadrupled its writing staff for the SavvySMART Content Library. Why has this growth been necessary? “We are working at a pace we’ve never worked at before because of cloud-based systems,” says Savvy’s chief of content development, Terry Aurit. “When Microsoft drops an update every month, it means people are going to want new training content.” I told you about Terry’s approach to learning content last month. This month, I’d like to introduce you to the rest of the team and share why this team is singularly capable of crafting learning content for the legal industry. (Hint: They are law firm insiders.) Savvy’s All-Star Team of Training Conten

Savvy Offering Q4 Opportunity!

Existing technologies continue to grow and adapt. Security threats continue to expand. New software continues to come to market and new employees continue to join your organization. All of this converges with the need to support programs for learning and opportunities for education. Time is at a premium for everyone and billable hours have to be met, but training can’t be overlooked. With the significant investment associated with technology it’s in everyone’s best interest to learn how to use these important tools and to maximize efficiency. Q4 Budget Time = Savvy Incentive Time Fall is back to school time and a great opportunity to invest in training and education. A common theme we heard

Vado’s “Respectful Workplace Toolkit” Available October 1

Savvy Training & Consulting has been a long-time fan and transparent provider of Vado compliance training courses. Now, we have some exciting news to announce: Vado’s “Respectful Workplace Toolkit” will be available October 1, 2019! If you are a current Savvy customer and would like to add this culture-changing curriculum to your offerings, contact me today. If you are not a current customer and simply want a demo of Vado’s cool videos and courses, you should contact me today, too! Why? Because Vado is second-to-none when it comes to soft-skills trainings. But I’ll share more about their impressive creds later in this article. First, let me tell you about this new curriculum they’re launchin

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