Microsoft Toots Its Own (Teams) Horn

If you’re like the Savvy crew, your team is scattered across several offices and states. Few people are in the same suite, let alone the same time zone. This can make work flow a bit challenging. Also, some of us (ahem, Doug Striker, I’m looking at you) enjoy working at odd hours. When random To-Dos come surging into email boxes in the wee hours, it can be hard to ignore them. (Not that I ever would ignore you, Doug!) Luckily Microsoft has released a new Teams mobile app and it helps not only manage workflow but also enables people to protect their coveted family time (or mountain biking time, or napping time). Microsoft likes tooting its own horn, so I’m going to share their Top Ten Reasons

Survey Says! Employees Worse Than Hackers When it Comes to Putting Firms at Risk

A recent study shows that cybersecurity breaches aren’t caused by issues with your firm’s hardware or software; it’s your people. But, come on, I’ve been saying this for years. Still, it’s nice to have (yet another) study to prove my point. In this case, SolarWinds reported that human error is by far the leading case of security breaches. I mean, seriously, humans are WAY outpacing the machines and other tools in terms of mistakes. reported on the study, saying: “Internal user mistakes created the largest percentage of cybersecurity incidents over the past twelve months (80%), followed by exposures caused by poor network system or application security (36%), and external

Proof of Tech Skills: Everybody’s Doing It!

When it comes to professional upward mobility, it’s looking like assessments are where it’s at. According to a recent article in, even LinkedIn is getting into the assessment game. “LinkedIn, the social networking service for the working world, is today taking the wraps off its latest effort to provide its users with better tools for presenting their professional selves, and to make the process of recruitment on the platform more effective. It will now offer a new feature called Skills Assessments: short, multiple-choice tests that users can take to verify their knowledge in areas like computer languages, software packages and other work-related skills.” In some ways, the lega

Audit Headaches Be Gone! KnowBe4’s New Compliance Manager Makes Audits Easy

When is the last time you overheard a conversation like this? “It’s audit time!” “Great! Bring it on!” Never? Well, KnowBe4, the world’s premier security awareness company, has developed a compliance manager platform that changes audit headaches into audit high-fives. Called KCM (KnowBe4 Compliance Manager), this new technology has been proven to reduce audit preparation time by half and cut the email flurry to zero. That’s right, I said “zero emails” for your audit process. But before I go into the “how” of KCM, allow me to share the “why.” I asked KnowBe4’s SVP for KCM Strategy, Blake Huebner, why KnowBe4, a renowned security awareness training company, would expand into compliance. His re

All Hail Bob Ambrogi!

Welcome to Security Awareness Month! I had all kinds of ideas for how I would recognize this important event, full of snarky comments about how legal clients continue to get the shaft due to their attorneys' inability to use technology accurately, securely and efficiently. But then Bob Ambrogi, lawyer and award-winning blogger, did it for me in Law Sites Blog. Boy, did he! But before I share some of his awesomest (yes, I'm using that as a real word) comments, allow me to wax poetic about the all-encompassing nature of security awareness at law firms. Obviously, Savvy Training & Consulting is heavy into the world of email security, thanks to our partnership with KnowBe4. But it is a mistake t

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