"This training program has the potential to transform our firm's learning culture," says Carla. "We think it's going

Trainer Profile: Don Shapiro Makes Personal Connections for Impactful Results

Don Shapiro has been a corporate trainer for nearly 20 years, but he started his career as a secondary school teacher. Perhaps that’s why Don understands so clearly that effective technology training at law firms first demands a personal connection. “The first thing I do when I’m teaching a class or a webinar or even one-on-one is to find out what each person wants to get out of the class,” says Don. “I find some entrée into their needs. What they will use it for, how it will help them do their job. When I know that, I am certain that I can deliver training that makes their job better, easier.” Y2K Launched Don’s Corporate Training Career Back in the late 1990s, Don was still in a classroom

11-Year-Old Shows Us How It's Done!

Remember that Heifer International gift we made in December? Check out the amazing email I received about it! Doug – I have so enjoyed working with Katy and Terry this year as we’ve rolled out our LMS. They are spectacular!! Just read your newsletter, told my 11 kiddo about Heifer International, we clicked the link and saw that today all gifts are triple matched! He ran and got $50 of his own money and was thrilled to have been able to have gifted a WHOLE alpaca as a result of the triple match. We dedicated the gift to my dad, who passed away 2 years ago in January. It was a lovely way to remember him. Thank you for all the good you do all year and for instigating this new family traditi

Update: Ward and Smith Gets “Exactly What We Need” From Savvy

Back in February 2019, I shared a case study about Ward and Smith’s work with Savvy. The North Carolina law firm had several important short-term goals and one very significant long-term goal. In the short-term, Ward and Smith needed: Learning content that covered all of their standard technology tools In-person training to support ongoing training goals across the firm Security awareness training that could keep up with the firm’s aggressive goals But their ultimate goal was to use all of this content and training to prove that it would be in the firm’s best interest to hire their own full-time trainer. Ward and Smith partnered with Savvy Training & Consulting, which provided: SavvySMART Le

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