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Prove Your Technological Competency to Your Clients The profitability of law firms is directly tied to efficiency and security. If legal teams don’t use the technological tools at their disposal properly (even tools as common as Word), the entire production process slows down. Additionally, we see a new headline about hacked companies – including law firms – every week, with devastating details about security breaches. Simply put: today’s clients are rightfully concerned about time-waste in billable hours, and also about data security. Because of this, they are increasingly demanding proof of their lawyer’s / firm’s technological competency. How can you train your firm to competency and prov

Measure Your ROI for Training

Your training program delivers multiple positive results to your law firm (or it should!). It’s an important way of keeping your employees engaged, assures protocols are maintained for client work and increases the productivity of your company. But the workplace has changed and, therefore, your training program must also adapt. With flexible hours, the rise of remote working, off-site employees, and regional offices, the traditional trip to your organization’s headquarters isn’t the most efficient way to conduct training. Luckily, the technological developments of the last decade or so - high-speed broadband, 4G, smart devices and apps - have made it easier than ever to connect to online tra

Yee-Haw! It's a Case Study Roundup, Y'all!

Of course, we can talk all day about how much we think you'll like Savvy's products and services, but nothing is more impactful than hearing what Savvy's clients think of us. Below, we've rounded up case studies covering real-life challenges that Savvy clients faced, and the ways that Savvy products and services helped them to achieve their goals. All of the case studies can be reached by clicking here. (When you click on each case study, be sure to turn off your popup blocker.) Keep watching our Case Studies page because we have many more in the works! SavvyAcademy Learning Management System Moye White Modrall Sperling Whiteford Taylor Preston Lloyd Gosselink Mitchell Williams Moye White

Savvy Training is HIRING!

Savvy Training & Consulting is looking for an experienced sales professional who wants to join our team and help us expand. Savvy believes in positive teamwork (through mutual trust and support as well as engaged, positive collaboration), creates exceptional client relationships (with our solutions-based services that deliver creative and innovative results and industry-revolutionizing value), empowers proactive happiness (by enabling people to do their jobs and enjoy rich personal lives), is motivated by seriously hard work (and driven to deliver exceptional products and services), and has integrity that is manifested through honesty. Does this sound like a team you'd like to join? As our n

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