7 Tips To Avoid Coronavirus Discrimination in the Workplace

Savvy is proud to partner with Traliant, an award-winning compliance training company. This coronavirus outbreak has people very scared, and when humans are scared, we sometimes behave badly. This information from Traliant will help you remain vigilant to coronavirus discrimination in your law firm. The Coronavirus Does Not Discriminate Unfortunately, fear and misinformation about the pandemic is leading to anti-Asian discrimination and racist bullying against people perceived to be Chinese. Similar behaviors are targeting other groups – such as people who have traveled, emergency responders, healthcare workers and people wearing facemasks in public. Psychological research shows that people

FREE AND IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE: KnowBe4 Children’s Cybersecurity Activity Kit

Do your employees have bored kids at home? Keep them busy (and Safe!) with the KnowBe4 Security Awareness Activity Kit! Savvy is a longtime partner with KnowBe4, the world’s premier security awareness company. We recently learned that KnowBe4 released some free, fun videos that teach kids about online security and we want to make our clients, friends and colleagues aware of it. Bored Kids = Online Kids, so keep them safe with KnowBe4! With this activity kit, parents, teachers and other guardians have some concrete tools to help teach their children about online safety and security in a fun and engaging way. By offering these tools at no-cost, we hope to open the dialogue between children and

FREE AND IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE: Savvy's Brand-New How-To Videos on Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting and

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis when the entire country is learning to work remotely, Savvy shifted gears, retooled the content factory, and produced some very basic quick-start videos for Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and Teams. Thanks to some help from a couple of wonderful fri-ents (friends/clients), we did a rapid-development on these. They are PowerPoint-based modules with voiceover. We included closed captioning for those who are unable to hear the audio. For our SavvyAcademy LMS clients, if you’d like any of these placed into your portal, please let us know which tool(s) – Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, or Teams - and whether you want them in Draft or Published format. If you are

Hello Friends, How are you doing?

This is a tense, scary time. Savvy's HQ is in Denver and I am working remotely at home with my wife and two young boys. (My Teams calls are frequently punctuated with me saying things like, "Don't punch him! Hey! People don't bend like that! You're going to hurt him!") Everyone I know is juggling new responsibilities (home schooling, caregiving) while trying to keep their companies, their firms and their jobs moving forward. I believe we must all help each other right now. I've been reaching out personally to clients, partners and even our competition to see how we might all work together in this difficult time. The truth is, at Savvy, we care about the legal industry and everyone who work

A Message from Savvy CEO, Doug Striker

Dear friends, As the impact of COVID-19 increases across the globe, I wanted to explain the steps we’re taking to ensure continuity of customer service during the coming weeks. We aim to maintain the level of service that our customers expect from Savvy Training & Consulting, and also ensure that we keep our people safe. Additionally, we want to make sure our offices aren't helping to spread the virus. We’ve taken several steps to minimize disruption over the coming period including restricting business travel, encouraging best hygiene practices and ensuring that people across all areas of our business are set up to work from outside the office. Fortunately, we are a global busi

Train Remotely During COVID-19: When Your Team Returns to the Office, They Will be MORE Productive

As I write this, there are 100,656 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the world, 238 in the United States and 2 in Colorado, where Savvy is headquartered. (I highly recommend that you track this virus using the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering dashboard, which is a continuously updated, highly visual, interactive map of the outbreak.) Conferences are being canceled, travel is being postponed and employers are beginning to encourage or require their employees to work from home. There is also a lot of confusion, partly due to the fact that this is uncharted territory. How do we protect ourselves and our families? How can our firms continue to serve clients properly through

eLearning for the Legal Industry: Stop “One-Size-Fits-All” Thinking

If you’re a law firm trainer, you should know about Tim Slade. He is a speaker, author and award-winning eLearning designer. He has his own website and I follow his blog closely. I just like the way he thinks… often, because his advice aligns so beautifully with Savvy’s approach to learning content. (I do also pay attention to experts who challenge my world view! Today, though, I’m sharing a blog that confirms Savvy’s approach to eLearning for law firms.) Recently, Slade wrote an article titled, “Let’s Stop Asking These 3 Questions About ELearning.” It begins: As I’ve been working within the eLearning industry over the last 10 years or so, I’ve realized there are some questions about eLearni

Austin! Savvy is Coming to You and We're Bringing Lunch! March 25

Prove Your Technological Competency to Your Clients The profitability of law firms is directly tied to efficiency and security. If legal teams don’t use the technological tools at their disposal properly (even tools as common as Word), the entire production process slows down. Additionally, we see a new headline about hacked companies – including law firms – every week, with devastating details about security breaches. Simply put: today’s clients are rightfully concerned about time-waste in billable hours, and also about data security. Because of this, they are increasingly demanding proof of their lawyer’s / firm’s technological competency. How can you train your firm to competency and prov

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