Is COVID-19 Ringing the Death Knell for On-Premises Servers?

Time to Move to the Cloud if You Haven’t Already! Back in the bucolic days of early January 2020, Aderant published an article predicting that more law firms would begin moving out of their on-premises servers to the cloud. Man, I wish we could do a quick poll to see how many firms did that in March and April 2020 alone! When COVID-19 hit and we were all forced, en masse, to exit the building and head home, many firms left their precious servers behind. The IT wizards (aka “server nannies”) who manage those “server nurseries” were forced to continue working in the office, risking their health and the health of the people they returned home to. Not only that, but the IT wizards (they ARE actu

COVID-19: New Course Helps Employees Return to the Workplace

Over the past few months, the legal industry has faced major disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, affecting attorneys, employees, clients, partners and others. Now, as law firms plan to reopen, they face a new challenge: how to prepare employees physically and psychologically to return to a changing workplace. In addition to complying with orders and guidance from federal, state and local officials and the medical community, law firms need to address employees’ COVID-19 questions and concerns and reassure staff of the steps that are being taken to protect everyone’s health and well-being. While every organization’s circumstances are different, a return-to-work training course can

Finding Silver Linings

It would be tragic if nothing good came out of this worldwide pandemic. Yes, it is easy to focus on the terrible, awful things that are happening on a global scale and even in our own neighborhoods and families. But at the same time, we simply must also recognize that good things are developing out of this tragic, exceedingly difficult experience. I recently heard a podcast on “99% Invisible” about the surprising silver linings that are emerging around the world due to our collective quarantine. People in Jalandhar, India can see the Himalayas from their city for the first time in decades because their air is cleaner. Researchers in Alaska can study whales without the incessant, deep roar of

Synchronous vs Asynchronous Learning: Which is Right for Your Learners?

I have been reaching out to our friends/clients (fri-ents, as my colleague Terry Aurit calls them) just to see how they’re doing and if they need any support. I recently received this note: “Things are ok. Plugging along. It’s been extremely busy for me – just as busy, if not more so, than actually being at work. Harder for sure as I have kids to educate/entertain. We’ve been making good use of Savvy – I had a new hire start the day we started working from home and, well, there was so much to do with getting people working that she got sent to the LMS right away. I think she and an asst who started the week before have done almost all the courses because they aren’t being utilized as much as

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