Microsoft Warns of new Java-Based “PonyFinal” Ransomware Used as Part of Human-Operated Attacks

Savvy has been partnering with KnowBe4 for many years, providing our law firm clients with the world’s best security awareness training program. KnowBe4 was founded by Kevin Mitnick, a hacker-turned-legitimate-businessman, and the company’s security awareness training programs are considered the best defense against corporate hacks. KnowBe4 monitors the universe of cybercrime and they recently ran an article about Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Analytics, which we felt compelled to share below. Be sure to read the bottom of this article to see an offer for a free Ransomware Simulator Test. “PonyFinal” and Human-Operated Attacks Microsoft recently detailed a new Java attack that uses PowerShell

What is Remote Learning and How to Implement it in Your Law Firm

I keep hearing from my IT and trainer friends at law firms, who tell me that their attorneys are really digging this work-from-home shift! Of course, this shift also demands that attorneys work more independently, which is pushing their (often lax) tech skills to the limits. Enter: Remote Training and Learning! Remote training gives your law firm the power to train each and every employee regardless of location, be it in one of your worldwide offices or in their home office. What is remote learning? Remote learning, also referred to as distance learning, gives learners, who aren’t in a physical location for in-person education, access to online training materials. It’s become a go-to trainin

The Ultimate LMS Implementation Checklist

Training your employees, partners, and customers is one of the best initiatives your business can undertake. Not only can a learning management system (LMS) centralize your training, it can also save you time and lower training costs. It’s essential to get it right. Which is why we've created an LMS implementation checklist to help you launch your LMS. There’s no question that storing your course content, data and training materials all in one place will help to streamline your training strategy. Along with this, using an LMS to automate training management reduces time spent on manual admin tasks. Combine these with the costs you save on instructors, training days, travel expenses and more,

Have You Taken One of Our Free Webinars?

“Thanks for the Outlook webinar. Those were some of the most useful Outlook tips I've received in years--and I've been using Outlook regularly since 1998.” We’re blushing! And we’re thrilled that we have received such an amazing response to our recently-made-free webinars, which usually cost $99 each. During these “challenging and unprecedented times,” (our CEO Doug Striker would really like some new ways to describe 2020. Please share yours with him.), our goal is to provide the best damned service to the legal industry as humanly possible, and this is just one way we’re doing it. So far, we have held the following webinars for free: What’s New in PowerPoint 365 and 2019? OneNote for Window

Integrate SavvyAcademy LMS with Zoom, or other webinar tools

Webinars are one of our favorite ways to deliver training at Savvy. They make it easy and engaging for you to instruct and help learners to visualize the training topic. They also offer a more personal and direct way to train your audience online. With webinars being such a powerful way to train, it’s fundamental that your webinar tool integrates with your LMS to make the process of delivering them much simpler. Luckily, it is easy to use tools like Zoom with the SavvyAcademy LMS. By using SavvyAcademy’s integration (link provided by our partner, LearnUpon) your organization can easily connect these two systems to streamline training webinars. Why should you integrate your LMS with Zoom? If

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