Teams: A Game of Survivor

Our lovely Savvy fri-ents (friends/clients) know by now that I’ve about had it up to HERE with Microsoft’s nonstop changes and “improvements.” As Savvy’s Chief of Instructional Design, it’s my job to make sure all our training content includes the latest updates in their important Microsoft products. But lately, Microsoft seems to be making changes on a near-daily basis only to revert back to the old ways within days because (shocker) the improvement wasn’t. For example, let’s take the Mini Toolbar. Recently, I made a big deal of the fact that “Styles” was removed from the Mini Toolbar in Word 365 and replaced with New Comment. I dove into our SavvySMART Content Library and madly made the c

Develop Agility in Your Law Firm with an LMS

I think it’s safe to say that the legal industry is not the most “agile” profession in the marketplace. The law actually breeds the opposite of agility. We tend to reward slow processes, long research endeavors, decisions-by-committee, slow turning of the ship to accommodate changes. So, it is no surprise that the rapid changes demanded by the COVID outbreak have rattled law firms to their cores. To put it more bluntly, I’ll quote a couple of people I recently heard speak at an ILTA Roundtable discussion regarding the legal industry’s use of tech tools to get work done “during these difficult and challenging times:” “I have a lot of self-represented litigants on my [virtual] docket and many

Wear a Shirt to the Zoom Courtroom, And other anecdotes from a recent ILTA Meeting

On June 25, I attended (via yet another screen) a fascinating ILTA meeting titled, “Ripped from the Headlines: The Future of the Courts.” First takeaway: Judge Emily Miskel (470th District Court in Collin County, Texas) rocks. Not only did she share some very helpful anecdotes, but she clearly had some serious technology chops. She had held many types of proceedings virtually, including a jury trial, and had a lot of advice for those listening. We also heard from Judge Paul W. Grimm, District Judge for the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, who had his fair share of tips, anecdotes and advice, as well as Craig Ball, trial lawyer and legal technology author, who was on

Diversity & Inclusion Training for Law Firms -- Available Immediately

Today, I want to let you know that we are now offering learning content that might be the most important training you offer this year: Diversity & Inclusion Training from our friends at Traliant. Traliant’s three-course Diversity & Inclusion Training Suite is built to inspire positive change within your organization. The suite includes the following content: Workplace Diversity, Inclusion and Sensitivity This 35-minute course explains racial identity and racism alongside core D&I concepts while providing practical steps to help employees choose inclusive actions, improve cultural competency, and address unconscious bias. The course further emphasizes the role civility and workplace sensitivi

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