Help Your Remote Learners Focus

Dear law firm trainers, I hear you! Keeping your learners’ attention has always been hard! Now, you’re tasked to teach them new skills (sometimes on brand-new platforms) virtually. Often, your learners are in VERY distracting situations: dogs howl, kids interrupt, doorbells ring. And, of course, they can literally surf the internet while their camera is focused on their face, making you think you have their rapt attention. I am constantly searching for ways to make our own law firm teaching materials better, and I am especially interested in the ones that have some research behind them, proving that they work. Recently, I read an article titled, “Ask a Trainer: How Can I Apply Brain Science

No Goin’ Back: Get Used to Change

In our June edition of Savvy News, we posed the question: “Do you prefer working from home or the office?” A whopping 70% of respondents said they prefer working from home. In our May edition of Savvy News, we asked, “Are the attorneys in your firm showing more interest in technology training?” and 64% of respondents said yes! These results match the findings of a recent poll of legal administrators conducted by the Association of Legal Administrators, which found the following: Q. Do you believe the changes in our working practices, including more remote, are more permanent or temporary? A. 91% said “Permanent” Q. COVID-19 has made our staff more willing to change their working practices. A

Personal Protection Efforts: Security Awareness for Your Personal Life

Because we’re partners with KnowBe4, we write often about security awareness training at work. But, during these “uncertain/unprecedented/strange/ challenging/difficult” (insert today’s most overused word) times, we thought we would share some PPE (Personal Protection Efforts) that you could undertake at in your personal life, too. Some PPE Fundamentals Passwords Never use the same one twice. Don’t write them down. Never share them. Substitute traditional passwords with passphrases such as “welcometothepartypal!” and consider getting a password manager–software that creates, stores, and syncs all of your logins across multiple devices. Phishing Still the most common way cybercriminals infilt

State Requirements for Sexual Harassment Training

I think the never-ending, heart-breaking news stories, and the fantastic movie Bombshell, not to mention Ronan Farrow’s riveting book, Catch and Kill, prove that sexual harassment training is long overdue in pretty much every work environment. Yes, even in the work-from-home situation we’re all facing now. I’ve heard some ugly stories about harassment over Zoom. With sexual harassment so prevalent in the news and in the workplace, more and more states are passing sexual harassment laws that employers must comply with. If your law firm has employees in multiple states, it can be even more challenging to keep the training requirements straight. In this article I will cover several states that

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