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Disinformation: Not Just Impacting Elections

Teach Employees to Protect Your Organization Did you hear about the rumor that COVID was spread by mobile devices using the 5G network? It sounds so insane and far-fetched that no one would believe it, right? I mean, how in the world would a virus travel through a cell phone frequency band, into a cell phone or tablet, and then out of the device into a person’s body!? But thanks to social media, fake news sites set up by bad actors, and average Joes (like you and me) who click that “share” button all too readily, the rumor spread like wildfire, gaining so much traction that people were literally lighting cell phone towers on fire around the world! Why would someone spread such nonsense? And

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Is There a List of Tech Skills that Lawyers Should Know?

I have long followed Ivy Grey. She is a thinker and writer whom I admire. She has a way of explaining complex conundrums in clear and concise ways, and her brain easily twists around the myriad ethical challenges that face the legal industry, guiding her pen into solutions that serve lawyers (and their clients) well. (She also has a pretty hilarious Twitter feed. How goes the Clementine obsession, Ivy?) Selfishly, one of my favorite “Ivy Topics” is technology competence. Obviously, I am constantly trying to help law firms train their employees to competence, but in these endeavors, I often don’t have time to get into the deeper philosophical ramifications of tech incompetence. For example, m

Security Training for Law Firms: Mission Critical

During ILTA>ON 2020, we hosted a fact-packed webinar about security training for law firms and it received rave reviews. Joanna Huisman, SVP of Strategic Insights & Research at KnowBe4, shared a fascinating report that covers phishing by industry. I encourage you to read the report. (Hint: law firms are a big target!) She also spoke about the trends and ways to inspire proactive security awareness training in your law firm. Here are a few takeaways from Joanna's presentation: The average company, across industries, is 30% phish-prone, meaning 30% of its employees will fail when confronted with a phishing email. Meaning: 30% of their employees are likely to let cybercriminals into their netwo

Pro Tips for Rolling Out Your Learning Management System

Prior to ILTA>ON 2020, when we were preparing for the big virtual event, we were brainstorming ways that we could provide truly helpful information that people could take back to their firms and put to use. We immediately thought that people need pro tips for rolling out their learning management systems. And we have a client that – in my opinion – conducted one of the most impactful LMS rollouts we’ve seen. So, we invited her to share her story and, thankfully, she said yes. Carla Healy is the Learning and Development Specialist at Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, which has 11 offices spread across the east coast. Not only did their rollout provide quantifiable results, but it has set them

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