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“I would absolutely recommend Savvy and I have! The content is great, the ease of working with them is great, setup is a piece of cake. And their customer service across the board is top notch. It is the easiest relationship I have ever had with a vendor.”

Julie Clegg, Training Specialist

“The Savvy people have been so great to work with. We get so much support without us having to ask for it. It’s been a very pleasant experience – service that goes way beyond any vendors I’ve worked with in the past.”

Charles Collins, IT Director

“Everybody loves Savvy’s trainers. The feedback I get from people, you’d think they were having cookies with their grandma, they loved them so much!”

Brad Crook, Director of Information Technology

“I have never before experienced the type of support from any vendor that I have seen from Savvy. They love what they’re doing and it shows. You can see it in the products they produce and the way they treat their clients.”

Teresa H. Beatty, Senior Trainer

“I have recommended SavvyAcademy LMS frequently to other firms because it is easy to use, the support is AWESOME (the best vendor support I’ve seen anywhere for legal products), and the price is very reasonable.”

Maritta Terrell, Trainer/Help Desk Specialist

“I have never worked with a vendor like Savvy. I feel like they are an extension of me. They literally are. They’ll do anything to make sure we have what we need.”

Mary Lynn Fritz, Trainer

“Not only would I recommend Savvy to other firms, I have recommended Savvy and will continue to do so. I believe in Savvy: its people, its content and its approach are top notch.”

Angela Dawn Kinsey, Software Support and Training Manager

“More than anything, Savvy is responsive. I can’t say enough about the response I get. I recommend Savvy often because of their customer service. They deal straight with me. I am not a manager, so I don’t have any budgetary authority but Savvy has never made that distinction. They treat me like a manager who holds all the purse-strings. I think that’s important.”

Kelly Knowles, Senior Trainer

“Savvy offers much more comprehensive, observant training. They work hard to understand how their students are doing. They spend more time on areas where it’s needed and less time if everyone gets it. It’s a much more tailored approach to training.”

Brad Crook, Director of Information Technology

“Our people like using the Savvy content. I’ve never received anything other than 4 or 5 stars on the feedback generator.”

Dan Bressler, Senior Technical Trainer

“I love Savvy’s communications. You can tell that real people run the company. They’re not sending out stuffy promotional items. It’s like having a cup of coffee or a beer with a friend. There is a lot of character and personality in the things that Savvy sends out. Savvy is run by real people.”

Julie Clegg, Training Specialist

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support and your team! Your focus and commitment to our training needs is greatly appreciated. I couldn’t rave more about Savvy Training and look forward to many future endeavors."

Tanika Armstrong, Trainer

“Savvy Training delivered training at our offices earlier this year and we had such a positive experience that we wanted to continue with additional training in the Microsoft Office suite. Savvy has extensive legal industry experience and has consistently delivered innovative, targeted, and relevant training to our end users.”

Jeff Mooneyham, Director of IT

“We have had the opportunity to work with Savvy Training in the past, on multiple occasions, and they have always performed at the highest levels for us. In this particular case, we were under a time-sensitive deadline with the on-boarding of a significant group of attorneys in two separate offices and the holidays were fast approaching. I called Savvy Training and within three days we had field support scheduled for both locations; their traveling classrooms in place and a contract for services signed. I knew from past experience that I could trust Savvy to perform, and am thrilled that they could help us with this training and floor support on such short notice.”

Dean Seiveno, CIO

“Santa came early to Bailey Kennedy. Our attorneys and staff are always looking for ways to improve client service, and the knowledge they gain from Savvy Training will help them do so.”

Alice O’Hearn, Legal Administrator

“Savvy Academy was a natural fit for the Training and Support initiative we began this year. The ability to tailor the vast array of content to our exact needs makes Savvy Training the perfect choice for us.”

John Bonandrini, Director of Information Technology

“SavvyAcademy™ made sense for us to implement. It is easy to use and understand and a very cost effective LMS. SavvyAcademy™ will make it easier for our users to find learning content we already have, as well as make it easier for us to know what training people are doing.”

Darryl Hendricks, Director of Information Technology

“I have been watching Savvy Training’s webinars and training content improve year after year, and with the addition of the LMS I knew we had to have it. We were seeking an LMS that would provide more opportunities for on-demand, end-user training. The Savvy Academy™ LMS provided a cost-effective solution that fit the exact needs of our firm.”

Maritta Terrell, Trainer and Application Support Specialist

“We partnered with Savvy Training for two previous Office upgrades and those projects went very well. Although we received proposals from other training providers, it was a no-brainer to choose Savvy Training for this project. We are also looking forward to using the Savvy Academy™ Learning Management System to assign and track ongoing standardized training sessions, host lunch-and-learn sessions, and to introduce new procedures to our staff.”

Dustin Reid, Manager of Technology

“We primarily do the DMS integrations and although we occasionally do the training we quite often partner with the best in the industry. As of last year, we have eliminated most of our partners due to the fact that they simply don’t deliver as well as Savvy does.”

Marco Maggio, Vice President of Strategic Practices, All Covered

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