DMS Training

Unlock the potential of your document management system

Maximize the Value of Your DMS with Savvy Training

Your firm has paid – and most likely continues to pay – for a document management system that has the potential to improve operations, security and efficiency across your organization. But does everybody know how to use it? Do your new hires receive consistent introductions to the DMS? Are protocols being followed?

Savvy Training & Consulting provides the following DMS training services:

New DMS Rollout Training
New Hire Orientation Training
Off-the-Shelf and Customized Learning Content
Power User Training
Ongoing Support

“When we purchased NetDocuments it was never NOT an option not to do training. To make the most out of this investment, we wanted to make sure our employees had access to training so that they very quickly could be up and running. When the Savvy trainers were here, we determined what features of NetDocs our people needed from day one so that they could be productive from the beginning. I couldn’t do the training because I couldn’t clone myself. To have a team of trainers, working together, deciding on topics to train on, providing consistency across the firm’s offices, it was like having an extension of me.”

- Mary Lynn Fritz, Business Analyst and Law Firm Trainer