On-Site Training

Our Trainers – Your Firm

Savvy Training & Consulting offers trainers who can visit your law firm and provide the following:
  • Large group, classroom-based trainings complete with pre-organized agendas and outlines, custom-built materials for your day(s) or week(s) of learning, and trackable outcomes based on your firm’s expectations.

  • Small group and one-on-one trainings to accommodate power users, executive teams, advanced learning and more.

  • Roaming, desk-side support to accommodate individual questions post-rollout.

  • Trainer Office Hours so that IT staff don’t end up answering simple rollout questions while they’re trying to manage a new system.

  • And any other customized training that your firm needs!

“I’ve had experience with other trainers who just weren’t as effective as Savvy’s trainers. Everybody loves Savvy’s trainers. The feedback I get from people, you’d think they were having cookies with their grandma, they loved them so much!”

- Brad Crook, Director of Information Technology